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Peter John Schrock with Finest Studios offers photography and photo booth services all around Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, Perryville, Farmington, Bonne Terre, St. Louis,Polar Bluff, Park Hills, Festus, and more... – Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Photo Booth Rentals in Cape Girardeau, MO

Renting a photo booth can be a hard choice in Cape Girardeau, MO. Photo booth rental services are all over the place in larger cities, but there aren’t a ton of local photo booth rental services in Cape Girardeau. Luckily, for those who are wanting to rent a photo booth, they have one the best companies servicing the Cape Girardeau area.

When choosing a photo booth service for your wedding or special event there are a number to things you need to think about. Every rental service offers differing features and quality of booth. Some photo booths are no more than a bunch of curtained polls with a camera inside. Some booths are actually just a person with a camera. In addition, some photo booth rentals look inexpensive, but once they got you in the door they load you down with all sorts of extra expenses (traveling fees, digital copies of pictures, props, etc). Not every photo booth service for Cape Girardeau is equal so, being educated will be your biggest help in find a photo booth for you wedding or next special event.

One important thing to consider is if the booth quality fits with your wedding. If you have taken the time to make all the decorations just right, you don’t want a junky booth making things look bad. In addition, you want to make sure that the prints will last after your wedding day. Some photo booths print using an ink-jet and these get destroyed as soon as water gets on them. The best kind of printers are dye sublimation printers because their prints are water resistant. Continue reading

2014 Bridal Shows In Cape Girardeau

That time of year is coming when brides need to take advantage of what is coming their way.  The Bridal show are coming back to Cape Girardeau, MO for 2014.  There are two main show that will be taking place in January.  The one is Ray’s Plaza Banquet Center and the other is at the Osage Center.  The one at Ray’s I believe is typically a little smaller than the one at the Osage Center.  Nevertheless, if you are a bride you should be going to these.  You can find a ton of info about photo booth rentals and photographers.  In addition, you can often meet the people who might be shooting your wedding.  Since you want to be comfortable with the person who is shooting your wedding, you should meet them at the shows.

The bridal shows are set up will vendors from all over the area displaying examples of their work or samples of their food.  By walking around you will get exposure to what your wedding could be like.  It is very helpful.  The Bridal show at Ray’s 12pm to 4pm and has a small fee to get in.  The Bridal show at the Osage Center will be on January 26, 2014 and will also start at 12pm and go to 4pm.  The Osage Center is at the following address:

Osage Center
1625 N Kingshighway St
Cape Girardeau, MO

Finding a Reliable Photographer

gallery-01If you are looking for a highly recommended photographer in the Cape Girardeau, MO area then you have come to the right place. One thing that you are going to want to look for is someone who can capture your whole wedding day and still make it fun for you. This is what Katie Timmers said about Finest Studios:

“My husband and I worked with Finest Studios Photographer, Peter Schrock, for our Engagement and Wedding. We found him to be professional and a lot of fun. He thoroughly enjoys his work and it is clearly evident in the quality of his photos.”

Not only do you want someone who can keep your wedding day fun, but you also want someone who can tailor to your specific wedding day. Some wedding are an intense party, others more solemn, but others are more relaxed. It was the experience of Tim and Whitney Holloway that Finest Studios was able to adapt to their day nicely:

“We also greatly appreciate the calm Peter exuded throughout the day, which greatly contributed to the peaceful atmosphere we desired for our wedding.”

Though it is thoroughly important that your wedding photographer makes you wedding day fun in the Cape Girardeau area, it is also of utmost importance that the images they capture are of the highest quality and that digital editing of the photos adds to their beauty and doesn’t take away from them. Alan and Kallie Thomas were thoroughly pleased with the wedding photography done by Peter Schrock:

“His photography had an artistic edge to it, but with a professional polish and flattering editing that complemented, instead of distracted from, the subject matter. We never felt like he was pushing a specific style on our photos or making them seem artificial, but he managed to catch everyone at their best and make everything look incredible.” Continue reading

Top five Wedding Photographer Tips

Bounce your Speedlite off a wall or Ceiling

Many of the cheapest looking photographs are the ones using the massive shadows behind every person. Any individual using a point and shoot camera can take images like this. If you want to be a expert wedding photographer, you might want to learn ways to bounce your flash appropriately. There are many fantastic books that will enable you to discover about diffusing your on camera flash and you’ll want to read them.

Do not Eliminate All of your Negative Wedding Photos

A thing that looks horrible in color can frequently make an great black and white. Also don’t forget you are able to normally crop your images. Even when a photo is really a small blurry, you are able to put your photographic preprocessing to perform and make the picture a bit a lot more artsy. Just don’t overdo this… otherwise you might be spending way too much time on your less than ideal pictures. Continue reading

Strategies For Using a Flash For Wedding Photography

Do not point your flash at your topic

Wedding photographers really should in no way point their flash directly in the bride and groom unless they’re absolutely must so that you can light them or if they utilizing the flash for fill light. Weddings are gorgeous events, but your photography in the wedding will look poor if you will discover harsh shadows behind your subjects in each and every image. A professional photographers require to know tips on how to use bounce their flash off of ceilings and walls as a way to develop a lot more subtle lighting for the duration of the wedding and reception. In case you do not know how you can use your speedlite effectively learn ways to bounce it before you shoot another wedding.

Use Fill Flash Outside

When you are taking outside wedding photos consider applying fill flash. In broad sunlight, attempting to take photos in the wedding party might be challenging, but you are able to be a skilled wedding photographer by making use of your flash to lift off the harsh shadows and make every person appear good. Simply point your flash at your wedding clients and snap away, just ensure that the flash is only vibrant sufficient to brighten the shadows and turn into the major source of light. Wedding photography is usually tough in full sunlight scenarios, but by appropriately working with fill flash your photography abilities could be greatly improved. Continue reading

Points to look for when choosing your wedding photographer

Do You want Digital Photo Files?

Numerous Wedding Photographers do not even give any digital files to their customers. They merely make them get prints or put the pictures in a custom album. Those photographers that do give their bride and groom digital photos generally have licensing restrictions on them. This really is not necessarily a bad factor. It just implies that you really need to know what you want before you hire your wedding photographer. Some photographers do not let you know about their licensing ahead of time, so you should often ask if they do not clearly have it stated in their marketing. Usually speaking as long as a photographer lets you print your files as much as an 8×10 you ought to be in pretty superior shape. Generally occasions, if you would like a print larger than an 8×10 the photographer will sell the printed image individually and do some additional retouching on it to create positive it look its most effective.

Encounter Means A lot!

When you are seeking a wedding photographer, keep in mind that uncle bob and his canon rebel in all probability is often a poor idea… Certain your uncle likes taking pictures and he normally appears to bring his camera to loved ones reunions, but having a camera and enjoying taking photos will not make a person ready for a wedding. Taking wedding pictures is usually a lot diverse than taking scenic shots in the Grand Canyon or snapping off a picture from the youngsters with Mickey Mouse. There is so a lot going on and so significantly can go incorrect. Wedding photography demands an eye for detail and emotion. Without having the suitable knowledge and encounter your priceless moments are going to be lost forever. When it comes times to opt for your wedding photographer, be certain you get an individual who’s as much as the job.

Do You desire A Custom Wedding Album?

This is a significant element in choosing your photographer. Some wedding photographers don’t produce custom wedding albums, but only offer you digital files or prints. Wedding albums which are custom created come in numerous diverse varieties. Some have flush mounted pages, other people have cameos and creative leather patters, and some are just basic coffee table photo books. Wedding albums frequently turn into heirlooms and so be careful about skimping on your wedding album. When it comes time to choose your wedding photographer ensure that you uncover out what they supply for their custom developed wedding albums. Continue reading

5 Excellent concepts for Wedding Photographers

At the very least look like you’re having a superb time

If you seem like you are upset or flustered, it’s going to keep your wedding couple from being able to relax whilst you shoot images as their photographer. Keep in mind that the wedding day is supposed to be a celebration and that taking photos should really be something enjoyable. From time to time attempting to smile and excited about what you’re performing can help.

Make a Wedding Photo Shoot Check List

When you are busy running around attempting to get photos of every thing, it could be tough in some cases not to miss an important wedding picture. No one desires to miss a picture of grandpa who fell asleep off within the corner. You can stop this by getting the couple who is about to become married to produce a photo checklist for their wedding day. You may desire to tell them that you simply can’t guarantee which you will likely be in a position to get just about every picture from the checklist mainly because at times the wedding day is often unpredictable.

Pick a Photography Family Photo Coordinator for the Special Day

The wedding day might be stressful and hectic. There are actually a great deal of family members and all of them are doing whatever appears most interesting at the time. Some individuals want to leave the wedding early others desire to stay all day. You need a person to aid collect up every person to become photographed. This individual ought to be a family member or someone who knows every person. It is possible to have more than one Photography Family Photo Coordinator, a person for every side in the family, but you may have to have someone to assist! Continue reading

Wedding Photography in Cape Girardeau, MO

Wedding Photography in Churches about Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau has a great deal of churches all over the location. Some of Cape Girardeau’s churches are huge and lovely and others are just small buildings. Churches can be an awesome spot for a wedding, but they pose some difficult challenges for photographers. Among the most complicated challenges for wedding photographers when shooting inside churches is their high ceiling. High ceilings limit wedding photographers from being in a position to freely bounce their flash off of ceiling to subtly light their subjects. One trick that will help wedding photographers when shooting photos in Cape Girardeau churches is always to invest in lenses which have a wide aperture and shoot wide open.

At Home Wedding Photography in Cape Girardeau

Wedding that take place in the backyards of Cape Girardeau can frequently be enjoyable plus a little wild. People today frequently choose to have their wedding in a backyard to low the price or since the yard is good and it has sentimental value. If the wedding is a low cost budget wedding, as the photographer, you must try to concentrate much more time taking pictures in the emotions of folks and much less on the surrounding. Nevertheless, you’ll want to always ask the wedding couple if there’s one thing within the yard of sentimental value to ensure that you do not miss a thing on the wedding day. Considering that folks in Cape Girardeau do have wedding in their backyards, you must be ready because the wedding photographer to stay focused taking images of what is more essential to bride and groom.

Terrific Wedding Photographers for Cape Girardeau

Numerous Terrific wedding photographers exist in Cape Girardeau and in the event you need a wedding photographer it could be difficult to decide on, but by looking at what every wedding photographer delivers in their packages and pricing, you may narrow down your choices. Presently, we are a fan of due to the wide wide variety of alternatives offered for albums, the availability to acquire digital files, and also the affordable pricing. In addition, when you are having your wedding outside of Cape Girardeau, Fines Studios will travel too. Look around and have a look at your selections in Cape Girardeau and you may come across a wedding photographer that meets your demands. Continue reading

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